FAQ & Shipping

Can I add something to my order I already placed? 

Once your order has been submitted and processed, we are unable to edit it. For security reasons this protects your payment transaction.

I am sending this as a gift, will the invoice show the dollar amount (I don't want that!)?

All of our invoices packaged with our products are simply an item list with no prices on them! 

Can I cancel my order?

Due to the nature of our fulfillment process all placed orders cannot be cancelled.

I accidentally put the wrong shipping address for my order, how do I change it?

Email us at hello@gracekindly.com as soon as you realize your mistake! We can try as best we can to change it before it ships, but we cannot guarantee it.

One of my products I received is damaged! What do I do?

Please email us as soon as you notice at hello@gracekindly.com with a photo of the damage, your name, and your order number. In most cases we can give you store credit to order another one.

Can I use multiple coupon codes at checkout?

Unfortunately, you can only use one coupon code per order.

I gave you an incorrect address and now the package is being returned to sender, how do I fix this?

Email us at hello@gracekindly.com to get this resolved.

How long does it take to get my product after it is shipped?

Our fulfillment company takes about 2-7 business days to print apparel and 2-5 business days for non-apparel. 


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not at this time.